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New Riders of the Purple Sage - New Riders of the Purple Sage (1971)

1.I Don't Know You – 2:26
2.Whatcha Gonna Do – 3:17
3.Portland Woman – 3:36
4.Henry" – 2:36
5.Dirty Business – 7:56
6.Glendale Train – 3:00
7.Garden of Eden – 4:32
8.All I Ever Wanted – 4:37
9.Last Lonely Eagle – 5:12
10.Louisiana Lady – 3:03


Freddie Salem & The Wildcats - Cat Dance (1982)

1.Dark Horizon (1:30)
2.London Town (6:53)
3.Open My Eyes (3:35)
4.Long Gone (3:42)
5.Sunset (4:09)
6.Got The Feelin' (4:10)
7.Evil For Evil (4:28)
8.Rock 'N' Roll Woman (4:38)
9.Monica (3:43)


Ozark Mountain Daredevils - The Car Over The Lake Album (1975)

1.Keep on Churnin'
2.If I Only Knew
4.Cobblestone Mountain
5.Mr. Powell
6.Gypsy Forest
7.Thin Ice
8.From Time to Time
9.Southern Cross
10.Out on the Sea
12.Establish Yourself
13.Time Warp
14.Journey to the Center of Your Heart


Winters Brothers Band - Winters Brothers Band (1976)

1.I can't Help it
2.Shotgun Rider
3.Sang Her Love Songs
4.Devil After My Soul
5.Misty Mountain Morning
6.Old Stories
7.Smokey Mountain Log Cabin Jones
8.Sweet Dream Lady
9.Dream Ride
11.Rich Kids (Bonus)
12.Sang Her Love Songs (Bonus)


George Hatcher Band - Coming Home (1980)

1.Coming Home
2.Give Me Love
3.Read the News
4.Moving Down the Road
5.Rocker's Lullaby
6.Touch the Ground
7.Did You Find What You Wanted
8.Young Boy


Van Zant - My Kind Of Country (2007)

2.These Colors Don't Run
3.Goes Down Easy
4.That Scares Me
5.My Kind Of Country
6.The Hardest Thing
7.It's Only Money
8.We Can't Do It Alone
10.It's All About You
11.Headed South


Arc Angels - Arc Angels (1992)

1.Living in a Dream
2.Paradise Café
3.Sent by Angels
4.Sweet Nadine
5.Good Time
6.See What Tomorrow Brings
7.Always Believed in You
8.Famous Jane
9.Spanish Moon
10.Carry Me On
11.Shape I'm In
12.Too Many Ways to Fall


Dave Chastain Band - Rockin' Roulette (1980)

2.Gotta Get Away
3.Highway Man
4.Losin You Blues
6.Down At Dees
7.One In The Sun
8.Ballad Of William Quantrill
9.Rockin Roulette


Bugs Henderson Group - Still Flyin' (1981)

1.Baby Ruth
2.Drug Store Blues
3.Heart Attack
5.Judi Likes The Blues
6.Little Brother
7.Not Guilty
8.Please Have Mercy
9.Still Flyin'
10.Thirteen Ways


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The Kentucky Headhunters - Flying Under the Radar (2006)

1.Midnight Special
2.Take These Chains From My Heart
3.Back To The Sun
4.Once In A While
5.Love That Woman
6.To Heaven
7.Ashes Of Love
8.Too Much To Lose
9.Louisiana CoCo
10.Chug A Lug (Dance Mix)
11.Everyday People
12.Country Life
13.Lonely Nights
14.Rock On
15.Big Boss Man



Lynyrd Skynyrd - (pronounced 'lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd) (1973)

1.I Ain't the One
2.Tuesday's Gone
3.Gimme Three Steps 4. Simple Man
5.Things Goin' On
6.Mississippi Kid
7.Poison Whiskey
8.Free Bird


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Second Helping (1974)

1.Sweet Home Alabama
2.I Need You
3.Don't Ask Me No Questions
4.Workin' For MCA
5.The Ballad Of Curtis Loew
6.Swamp Music
7.Needle And The Spoon
8.Call Me The Breeze


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Edge of Forever (1999)

2.Full Moon Night
3.Preacher Man
4.Mean Streets
5.Tomorrow's Goodbye
6.Edge of Forever
7.Gone Fishin'
8.Through It All
9.Money Back Guarantee
11.Rough Around the Edges


Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time (2006)

1.The First Song – 3:43
2.Wicked Gil – 2:57
3.Our Swords – 2:26
4.The Funeral – 5:22
5.Part One – 2:36
6.The Great Salt Lake – 4:45
7.Weed Party – 3:09
8.I Go to the Barn Because I Like The – 3:06
9.Monsters – 5:21
10.St. Augustine – 2:41



Sea Level - Cats on the Coast (1977)

1.That's Your Secret
2.It Hurts To Want It So Bad
3.Storm Warning
4.Had To Fall
5.Midnight Pass
6.Every Little Thing
7.Cats On The Coast
8.Song For Amy


Sage - Sage By Sage (1970)

1.My Girl
2.Lovely Lady
3.Don´t Stop Loving Me
4.No One But You
5.I´m satisfied With You
6.Morning Dove


Bottle Rockets - Brooklyn Side (1992)

1.Welfare Music
2.Gravity Fails
3.I'll Be Comin' Around
4.Radar Gun
5.Sunday Sports
6.Pot of Gold
7.Thousand Dollar Car
8.Idiot's Revenge
9.Young Lovers in Town
10.Take Me to the Bank
11.What More Can I Do?
12.Stuck in a Rut
13.I Wanna Come Home
14.Queen of the World



Crosscut Saw - Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know (1976)

1.One's Too Many
2.Allergic to Work
3.Love Her with a Feeling
4.Steppin' Out
5.Vegetable Oil
6.Dead Shrimp Blues
7.Treat Her Right
8.Hear My Song
9.Hippie Song
10.Mud Bee


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Big Chris Gates and Gatesville - Ain't It Grand (2006)

1.How The Hell 4:52
2.Then There's You 3:46
3.Round & Round 3:42
4.Wondering 4:35
5.This Town 5:09
6.Signs Of Life 3:39
7.Holdin' On 3:43
8.Independance day 3:38
9.Kisses On The Sly 3:17
10.One Last Chance 6:21
11.Southern Man 3:54
12.Quiet Love 5:30
13.Reason To Believe 5:04
14.Fade Away



Raging Slab - Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert (1993)

1.Anywhere But Here 3:56
2.Weatherman 3:12
3.Pearly 3:36
4.So Help Me 4:12
5.What Have You Done 4:04
6.Take A Hold 5:02
7.Laughin' And Cryin' 3:19
8.Don't Worry About The Bomb 2:33
9.Lynne 4:32
10.Lord Have Mercy 3:52
11.National Dust 3:34
12.Ain't Ugly None 5:02



Brownsville Station - Yeah! (1973)

1.Question Of Temperature 3:31
2.Lightnin' Bar Blues 2:52
3.Take It Or Leave It 3:00
4.All Night Long 2:55
5.Let Your Yeah Be Yeah 3:37
6.Sweet Jane 3:02
7.Love, Love, Love 2:55
8.Go Out And Get Her 2:56
9.Barefootin' 2:55
10.Smokin' In The Boy's Room 2:56



Blackfoot - Strikes (1979)

1.Road Fever 3:07
2.I Got A Line On You 3:17
3.Left Turn On A Red Light 4:35
4.Pay My Dues 3:03 (Blues Image)
5.Baby Blue 2:33
6.Wishing Well 3:11 (Free)
7.Run And Hide 3:24
8.Train, Train (Prelude) 0:36
9.Train, Train 2:56
10.Highway Song 6:59



Georgia Satellites - Georgia Satellites (1986)

1.Keep Your Hands to Yourself – 3:26
2.Railroad Steel – 4:11
3.Battleship Chains – 2:55
4.Red Light – 2:45
5.The Myth of Love – 4:12
6.Can't Stand the Pain – 3:40
7.Golden Light – 3:35
8.Over and Over – 3:35
9.Nights of Mystery – 4:44
10.Every Picture Tells a Story (Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood)



Allman Brothers Band - Allman Brothers Band (1969)

1.Don't Want You No More (Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin) – 2:29
2.It's Not My Cross to Bear – 4:48
3.Black Hearted Woman – 5:20
4.Trouble No More (Muddy Waters) – 3:47
5.Every Hungry Woman – 4:16
6.Dreams – 7:19
7.Whipping Post – 5:19



Capricorn Rhythm Section - Alive at 2nd Street Music Hall (2006)

1.Time Will Take Us
2.Everybody Needs Love
3.Ought to Be a Law
4.She Cranks My Tractor
5.Please Be with Me
6.Watch out Baby
7.Don't Hit Me No More
8.All My Friends
9.300 Pounds Fritts
10.Where You Come From
11.Where You Go
12.Shout Bamalama



Alligator Jackson - Swamp Justice (2006)

1.Swamp Justice 3:45
2.Gunfire in Hazard 3:42
3.Hanging Judge 3:22
4.Mr Bouncer 3:43
5.Jenny 4:04
6.Liquid Courage 3:25
7.Hell's Breaking Loose 3:22
8.Starin' Down the Wolf 2:33
9.Enjoy the Ride 3:18
10.Gunfighter 3:20
11.Bad Attitude 4:18
12.Beer Truck (bonus track) 2:13



Atlanta Rhythm Section - Third Annual Pipe Dream (1974)

1. Doraville (03:30)
2. Jesus Hearted People (03:51)
3. Close The Door (03:27)
4. Blues In Maude's Flat (03:52)
5. Join The Race (04:00)
6. Angel (What In The World's Come Over Us) (05:11)
7. Get Your Head Out Of Your Heart (02:35)
8. The War Is Over (02:03)
9. Help Yourself (02:58)
10. Who You Gonna Run To (03:21)